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171st Inf BDE Patch

171st Infantry Brigade "BlackHawks"

"Train for Victory"

Brigade Mission

alt textThe 171st Infantry Brigade has many different missions that support training at The United States Army Training Center, Fort Jackson. Among them are:

alt text187th Ordnance Battalion - Trains apprentice-level Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanics (MOS 91B) in support of the Army's maintenance mission.

alt text120th Adujant General Battalion - Receives, processes, and begins the Soldier transformation process for over 45,000 Soldiers, from all components, arriving each year for Initial Entry Training (IET) at the US Army Training Center & Fort Jackson (USATC&FJ).

alt text4th Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment - The largest and most diverse unit on Fort Jackson, serving multiple training and training support missions on Fort Jackson and all over the world.

alt textTask Force Marshall (TFM) - Prepares Sailors for deployment to various theatres of operation. Furthermore, Task Force Marshall provides refresher training to Army Retiree Recalls and Inactive Ready Reserve Soldiers.

Blackhawks From History
Brigade History

The 171st Infantry Brigade (Blackhawk) has a proud tradition of training Soldiers to fight and win America’s wars that began with its constitution and organization at Camp Grant, Illinois in September 1917. At that time the U.S. Army was in the midst of a massive buildup to support our allies overseas who were already engaged in three years of war. As a subordinate brigade to the 86th Division, the Blackhawks began immediately training Soldiers for service on the front lines of Europe. The Blackhawks trained over 115,000 Soldiers by the time it deployed to Europe in September 1918. The Blackhawks never saw combat in World War I as a complete unit. Instead they quickly contributed highly trained and professional Soldiers to the front line Divisions already engaged in combat. Before the brigade was able to move to the fight the Armistice was signed and the war was over. The 171st returned and deactivated at Camp Grant, Illinois in January of 1919.

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