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"Providing Exceptional Training for America's Warriors in Support of the Global War on Terrorism"

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Apr 24, 2014

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Welcome to the Fort Jackson Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) information Home page. This site is intended to provide basic information to mobilized IRR soldiers with orders to report to Fort Jackson and/or Camp McCrady. The information contained herein may or may not differ from the information on your orders or the information on other web sites. If a conflict exists, COMPLY WITH THE INFORMATION ON YOUR ORDERS unless expressly noted otherwise here.

For more information please call (803) 806-2607.


Your training at Fort Jackson and Camp McCrady is the first step in the mobilization and deployment process. All soldiers will undergo medical screening and complete the Soldier Readiness Program (SRP) before commencing training activities. All IRR soldiers will complete basic skills refresher training (CTT/WTT) at Fort Jackson and Camp McCrady before continuing in the mobilization and deployment process. The training includes Basic Rifle Marksmanship and First Aid type tasks in an "all ranks" training environment in an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect. This is NOT "Basic Training." The training is provided by Task Force Marshall, Victory Brigade, Fort Jackson, SC.

 Most soldiers will also require additional occupational specialty refresher training. Soldiers who have recently left active duty may not require this training. Depending upon your MOS or Branch, you may or may not remain at Fort Jackson / Camp McCrady for this occupational specialty refresher training. After completing this training, you will then report to your unit. Task Force Marshall will make every effort to determine you final unit and duty station and communicate that information to you as soon as possible. These assignments are based upon the needs of the Army and are subject to change. Representatives from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) will be available on site.

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Task Force Marshall History

Task Force Marshall, named in honor of citizen-soldier and trainer Gen. George C. Marshall, was originally formed with the sole mission of providing basic skills refresher training to mobilized Individual Ready Reserve Soldiers. Initially, TFM was a battalion-sized training force comprised of mobilized U.S. Army Reserve units from the 1/518th Regiment, 108th Division (Institutional Training) and was assigned as a subordinate element to the 4th BCT Brigade at Fort Jackson, SC..

In December 2005, TFM embarked upon an expanded mission to also train Navy Individual Augmentees in Basic Combat Skills. The initial concept involved a two-week training period which subsequently evolved into a three-week cycle. Currently, TFM is made up of a BN HQ’s, 52 contractors and 4 tasked organized Basic Combat Training companies from the 108th Training Command, USAR. As mission needs have increased, so has the size of the LNO element; today, its current staff consists of 23 Reserve Sailors.

TFM continues to provide basic skills refresher training to mobilized Individual Ready Reserve and Retiree Recalled Soldiers and Basic Combat Skills training to approximately 55 percent of the Navy’s total IA’s deploying to theater. The annual throughput is over 1,100 Soldiers and 4,500 Sailors.

TFM now operates as a member of 171st Infantry Brigade, United States Army Training Center & Fort Jackson and is based at Camp McCrady, S.C...

About Us

Task Force Marshall is a battalion-sized training force comprised of mobilized Army Reserve units across the United States and operates now as a member of Victory Brigade, United States Army Training Center, Fort Jackson, SC. Task Force Marshall is based at Camp McCrady, Eastover, SC.