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General Information

Soldier Mail

Soldiers in Basic Combat Training will have mail call every day that the US Postal Service delivers mail. We encourage you to send uplifting cards and letters to Soldiers in training.

Soldiers are not allowed to receive any packages containing food, candy, pornographic material or any other contraband.

How to find out where a soldier is assigned.

When a Soldier first arrives at Fort Jackson for Basic Combat Training they are assigned to the 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) where they begin the basic training process. Soldiers can spend from 7 to 10 days in the reception process before being assigned to an actual training unit. During their time in the reception battalion they are afforded the opportunity to call home. We understand this is an anxious time for a Soldier's family and friends -but this a very busy time for the Soldier and staff preparing them for their journey from civilian to Soldier. We DO NOT recommend sending a letter to your Soldier while at reception due to the short time-period that your Soldier will be there...the Soldier will typically have left reception by the time any letters arrive.

Following reception, your Soldier is assigned to a Basic Combat Training (BCT) to conduct their actual training. Typically, Soldiers will be provided an opportunity to call home within 72 hours of arrival.

If at the end of this time you haven't heard from him or her, call the Fort Jackson Installation Operations Center at (803) 751-7671 for assistance in determining their location. Before you call, please check with other Family members or friends of your Soldier to see if they were contacted...Soldiers usually only have time for one call and, if they couldn't reach you, may have contacted someone else instead. You will need your Soldier's full name and social security number. Soldiers in training are very busy and will usually not be permitted to recieve calls.

How to contact a Soldier in the event of an emergency.

If a family emergency arises and a Soldier is needed at home or simply needs to be informed, contact your local Red Cross Chapter. The Red Cross will contact the Soldier’s unit and make appropriate notifications and arrangements. The American Red Cross 24-hour emergency contact number is 1-877-272-7337.