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"Victory Starts Here"

Graduation Activities

Soldiers rehearsing for graduation ceremony

Schedules may vary, please contact your Soldier’s battalion to verify Family Day and graduation times and locations.

The day before graduation (typically Wednesday) is designated as "Family Day." Family Day activities begin at Hilton Field at 9 a.m. The battalion commander meets with family members and friends of graduating Soldiers to discuss the Soldier’s recent experiences and answer questions. Family and friends will also meet the unit's drill sergeants and observe demonstrations of Soldier skills.

Most importantly, you will meet - and spend time with - your Soldier.

During the evening of Family Day you can join your Soldier for a buffet dinner at one of the clubs on the post. A general headcount is needed, so please let your Soldier know how many guests will attend. Tickets can be purchased during Family Day activities.

Graduation is the following day at 9 a.m. (Spring/Summer schedule) or 10 a.m. (Fall/Winter schedule) on Hilton Field, unless otherwise indicated. See your Soldier's unit page for the correct time and location. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will take place at the Solomon Center and the time schedule may change to accommodate more than one ceremony.

Most companies will post their individual graduation dates on their specific unit site. However, you can get a consolidated graduation date calendar here.

Hilton Field

Follow the blue line
Finding Hilton Field for your Soldier's BCT graduation has never been easier. Simply follow the blue line.

Families of Soldiers

Fort Jackson trains 50,000 Soldiers each year in Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. We hope you are able to visit for graduation activities. Our community is happy to take care of your needs.

Graduation Video

Fort Jackson is making graduation videos available to Family members! These videos will typically be available for the weekend following each graduation.

You can check to see if your unit's graduation video is available by loading the video player at the top of each page.

To see a sample video of previous graduations visit Videorama's Facebook page.

If you would like a copy of the graduation video or videos of your Soldiers BCT experience, you can purchase DVDs through Videorama.