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Family Day and Graduation Events



**2-39 Battalion Headquarters

Important Numbers

A CO/2-39 (803) – 751-8739, 6531, 5150

B CO/2-39 (803) – 751-7120, 7119, 3685

C CO/2-39 (803) - 751-7138, 7132, 6909

D CO/2-39 (803) – 751-4302, 5851, 4752

E CO/2-39 (803) – 751-4509, 7148, 4290

F CO/2-39 (803) – 751-9493, 9491, 9489

Transportation and Lodging 1-800-221-3503

Welcome Center (803) 782-9802

2-39 Battalion Headquarters

S-1: 803 751-4148

  • Enter Fort Jackson via Gate 4. If coming from the north on I-77 take exit 15. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp and left at the first light. If coming from the south on I-77 take exit 13 and turn right at each of the next two lights. As you approach Fort Jackson on your drive in, please tune to Fort Jackson Radio, AM-1650 for directions and schedule updates.

  • Note: Post regulation prohibits the use of cell phones or hands-free devices unless safely parked.

Make Hilton Field your first stop.

The Family Day briefing begins here on Wednesday, (Date Pending) 2013 @ 0900 AM on Hilton Field.

  • Companies: A, B, C, D, E, F 0900 AM
  • After a short briefing and demonstration, you will see your Soldier. If your Soldier is granted an on-post pass, they must return by 8:00 PM that night, you may leave Hilton Field with your Soldier at the conclusion of Family Day Events to enjoy their ON-Post pass.

  • Enjoy time with your Soldier. Immediately following the Family Brief, you are invited to tour your Soldier’s barracks and battalion area during Open House. Together, your family can visit the many facilities here on Fort Jackson including the battalion training areas, museum, theater, and the PX. Please do not go out to any of the rifle ranges or training areas. You may eat at the Officers Club at a cost of $12.95 per adult and $6.50 per child (ages 4-11), or at the Solomon Center. You may also choose to dine with your Soldier at our Dining Facility for only $4.55 per person.

  • Attend Graduation.

    Your Soldier graduates on Thursday, (Date Pending), from 1 October 2013 until 1 April 2014 the ceremonies start at 1000 and then from 1 Apr 2014 until 1 October 2014 the ceremonies will start at 0900. .

  • Follow the signs to Hilton Field. In case of severe weather, the graduation ceremony will be inside the Solomon Center. The time will be announced at the Family Day brief and on Fort Jackson Radio, AM -1680.

  • After Graduation, Soldiers will be transported by bus back to their Company Area and will be signed out. They may receive either a pass until 8:00 PM. If a Parent or Spouse attends graduation a local off post overnight pass may be granted. Passes will be based on the recommendation of the Soldier's chain of command. It is very important for your Soldiers to return to the company area NO LATER THAN 8:00 PM that night or in the case of an overnight pass NLT 5:30 AM the following morning.

  • Some Advanced Individual Training installation’s are within reasonable driving distances. Family members may drive their Soldier to their AIT location with early coordination with the Company. Soldiers must arrive at the AIT location by Sunday. See the website or contact your Company for further details.

**The Rules. While on pass, your Soldier must remain in uniform and is not allowed to drive vehicles, drink any form of alcohol or use any tobacco products. Violations of these rules may result in not graduating

Please contact your Soldier to ensure they have met graduation requirements and will graduate with their company before making hotel reservations.

Use Gate 4, Boyden Arbor/Percival Road when entering the post. You must possess a current Driver's license, Registration, and Proof of Insurance; with a current coverge date to enter Ft Jackson.

Please observe the posted speed limit, wear your seatbelt, and park only in designated parking areas. Fort Jackson traffic laws are strictly enforced.

Driving Directions

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