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Command Team

"Motto Pending"

Contact Information

Student Detachment Commander

CPT Sindie L. Hicks

Student Detachment First Sergeant

1SG Matthew Nelson

Student Detachment NCOIC

MSG Dudley Hunt

Student Detachment Office Manager

Mrs. Brenda Singleton

Staff Duty - Call in the event of an Emergency after duty hours

  • (803) 429-5139 Primary Emergency Use Only

Fax Numbers

  • (803) 751-5392
Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:



Closed for administrative operations. 1300-COB

Closed for lunch daily between 1130-1300

For Emergencies Call the Staff Duty Phone: (803) 429-5139

Frequently Asked Questions

What is US Army Student Detachment?

USASD is unique in the US Army. There are no other organizations of assignment for officers (and some NCO's) attending training at civilian schools. Not only do we serve Advanced Civil Schooling students, but also Training with Industry (TWI), Degree Completion (DCP), Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP), foreign and Joint Service Schools (CGSC, War Colleges), in addition to all personnel participating in scholarship programs (Rhodes, Marshall, Hertz, Olmstead, Active Green to Gold), Foreign Area Officers (FAOs) and fellowships (White House, Congressional). At any given time, there is more than 2,200 personnel assigned to Student Detachment.

What do you do?

We are a multi-functional support organization, in that we provide not only personnel, but also finance services. Additionally, we act as intermediaries on your behalf to other organizations that may be unfamiliar or unable to deal directly with service members "in the field" or not located at military installations.

Are you going to start mailing me huge amounts of paper?

We handle a tremendous number of documents and we avoid "snail-mail" whenever possible, but we are happy to receive faxes, emails, or posted documents from you. Our standard method of distributing documents is Adobe PDF - please advise us if you need something mailed or faxed to you. 1.5: What patch and crest do I wear? A: No matter what your duty uniform is, we advise people not to go to the expense of changing your patches and crest during your tour at Student Detachment. If you feel you need to have your uniform reflect your current unit of assignment (i.e. for a DA Photo) we wear the 171st Infantry Brigade Crest and Patch. Call us if you need help identifying or obtaining these insignia. For those personnel attending school at a military installation, your host command policy will take precedence if it differs from our SOP.