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IMT Leadership School

"School of Leadership"

Our History

The Initial Military Training Leadership School (IMTLS) was established in October 1979.


The IMT Leadership School provides education and training to Leaders, Cadre, and supporting civilians involved in the Soldierization process of transforming civilians into Soldiers. Focus is on courses and course materials to ensure those involved with planning, resourcing, and executing Basic Combat Training understand the doctrine, methodologies, and various tactics, techniques, and procedures associated with Initial Entry Training. Provides Commanders with courses and certification plans to ensure their personnel know the universal rules of contact for interaction with Initial Entry Training Soldiers. Provides support to Commanders, through Mobile Training Teams, to establish local training utilizing standardized, doctrinally correct, and updated course materials.

Courses provided by IMT Leadership School
  • TRADOC IET Brigade/Battalion Pre-Command Course (PCC) - (2 Weeks)

  • TRADOC IET Company Commander & First Sergeant Course (CCFSC) - (1 Week)

  • TRADOC IET Cadre Training Course (CTC) - (1 Week)

  • TRADOC IET Support Cadre Training Course (SCTC) - (2 Days)

  • TRADOC IET Installation Staff Contractors Training Course (ISCTC) - (5 Hours)

  • IET Cadre Programs Train The Trainer (TTT) (1 Week)